Acts 29

Acts 29! While I love my church planting network, I’m actually referring to this age in which Jesus continues to build His church. In the concluding message to our series through the book of Acts we see 3 reasons why The Unstoppable Advance Continues. The Gospel is for all peoples! Busting out of the cocoon […]

THE Story round 8

What a two months it has been! Sunday we completed our eight week run through THE Story with Happily Ever After (No fooling!). What was lost in the garden is more than regained for all who trust in Christ! It was exciting to talk about the full reverse of the curse and dwelling with God […]

THE Story round 7: “soma”

The early church. Beautiful things. Broken things. Encouraging words. Convicting words. The fruit of the Spirit. The works of the flesh. That’s what we looked at in session 7, Soma (body) Life. In some lively discussion we address the questions of whether someone can be a Christian and yet not experience change, what happens when […]

THE Story round six

“Just live it up!” That was one of the answers to the question of how we make disciples. The person actually meant to say, “Just live it (your faith in Christ) out”, but in a way it does describe how we are to make disciples. Live it up–remember your new identity (Col 3:1-4). Live it […]

THE Story round five

“This was the best session we’ve had so far!” exclaimed one of the participants as he stood to his feet at the end of session 5. I agree and others have said the same. It was an open and oftentimes emotional session, as we discussed Jesus’ words on the new birth to Nicodemus and the […]

THE Story round four!

Sunday we had the best attendance thus far, but even better, the interaction is increasingly authentic and open as we tell and discuss the greatest story ever. I love when people ask the kind of questions that people frequently have about God but are seldom raised for fear of what others might say – we […]

THE Story round three! (& a quick hit to Philly)

Lather, rinse, repeat. OK, that cycle went the way of my hair some years back! But here’s a cycle that I still know by painful experience – ┬árebellion, rescue, repeat. As we saw Sunday in round 3 of THE Story, Rescue to Rebellion, that’s the story of Israel in the OT. Man, do we ever […]

THE Story round two!

As a young child I had Noah’s Ark themed bedsheets. Many nurseries are painted with animals on the ark. This is quite ironic, when you consider the catastrophic nature of the flood. It’s like having scenes from Hurricane Katrina on your child’s wall. And as one participant noted in Round 2 of THE Story, the […]

THE Story round one!

Going into the first session of THE Story I had no idea what to expect. Like with the racial reconciliation celebration of January 15, I was blown away. People kept on coming in. Over sixty people (adults, teens, kids) attended and others have said they want to jump on board next week. Best of all, […]

An Analogy from Black History Month

At the gracious invitation of friend & Detroit Library Duffield Branch manager Christine Peele I was privileged to sit on the panel of judges with Pastor Shaun Marshall (Citadel of Faith) and 3 others in the 34th Annual Albert H. Mallory Sr. Black Heroes Oratorical Essay Contest. It was a blast listening to over 20 […]