Restore crew hits Philly

This past weekend 14 of us loaded into a 15 passenger van and headed down to Philadelphia for the Thriving Conference. We had a pretty smooth drive down except for an improperly executed New Jersey jug-handle turn (great job Clete!) that got us pulled over. The officer kindly reminded Clete, “you’re not in Michigan anymore!”. […]

Grace! & 3 baptisms at The PO

Theological liberals distort the gospel by subtraction and theological legalists distort the gospel by addition. The early church was threatened by the former and, as a result, took decisive action in what is known as the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. In addition to learning the true essence of grace from this historic event we […]

Exodus 33:18 & a gutted kitchen

After a trifecta of crime last week (the house we are buying was broken into, I “interrupted” a second invasion, the window of our Suburban was shattered – getting it fixed as I write) I really needed Sunday’s worship service. And man was it sweet to gather with my Restore fam & praise our King! […]