Life in the Spirit

Do we try to live the Christian life in our own power? The power for joining the life long battle against sin is found in the Holy Spirit, and there are four ways that we experience the life in the Spirit. We first have been set free to follow the Savior.  God had to take matters into his […]

The victory is sure!

Do mature Christians struggle with sin? Yes, there is a newness, excitement, and jubilation for being a reconciled child of God, but after conversion, we still struggle with sin and the struggle is real. Sin constantly pulls on us. It is a life principal just as sure and inescapable as the law of gravity. There is no […]

A Better Master

Having a master is not an option, but who we serve is. We all choose a side every day; there is no spiritual Switzerland, only appearing to be neutral. We serve and worship something, either sin or Christ. We are either dying by sin or experiencing the resurrection life of the Lord Jesus Christ, by […]

How to change: Know, Reckon, and Do

In Romans 6:1-14, Paul is answering the false allegation from the person that says, ‘If I’m saved by grace, I’ll do whatever I want’, telling us how we as believers can be changed. Are you stuck in the the rut of lust? Bitterness? Unforgiveness? Shackled in hate? In shame? Pride? Then, this passage is for you. There are steps […]

We need a Word

We’ve all heard about the stories about people who have been devastated by hurricanes and tornadoes, despite knowing that it was on its way. Everyone was present but only a few were prepared for what was about to occur. Similarly, we know that things are going to happen, but not prepared for the unexpected storms […]

In which race do you find your place?

How many races are represented in the world? Two: Those who are still in Adam and those who are still in Christ. In Adam’s fall we sinned all. Adams fall was no arbitrary breaking of a rule, but an act that initiated a rebellion and revolution  against God that not only fractured the relationship with God […]

Safely Home

Have you ever seen or crossed over a rope bridge? No matter how secure the bridge may seem isn’t there something about it that makes you think twice? After being justified by faith, as a Christian embarks on the rocky journey of sanctification with all the ups and downs, one may face doubt, wondering if […]

Life after Death

God’s promise to Abraham that he will be the father of the family of faith that transcends ethnicity and geographical border came before the law and the law did not null God’s promises. This promise was not based on Abraham keeping the law; God takes ownership for the promise. The promise can only come to […]

He is Risen!

What makes such a gruesome and violent day in history “good”? Pastor Tyler spoke on the crucifixion of Christ and the uniqueness of this event where the sinless was punished and the sinful were set free all at the same time. You can hear this message by Pastor Tyler on why the cross actually matters […]

How the Gospel Transforms our Boasting

Does God care about injustice? Of course he does, and his anger against injustice is painted all over the Scriptures! But God first wants to deal with the oppression of sin within us and unless we let him in Jesus deal with the oppression within us, as we deal with the brokenness and injustices out in the […]