The Transformative Power of Killing & Intoxication

Sanctification is not a spectator sport. We are called to get off the bench and pursue transformation. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit does the heavy lifting as we are increasingly changed into the image of Christ. Check out God Changing Us (Part 1) in our WHO IS HE? series to see how the Holy Spirit transforms […]

Holy Spirit series kick off!

It was a blast kicking off our new series on the Holy Spirit yesterday! In this message I give four reasons why we need this series. To avoid unbiblical extremes of strange fire & no fire. To be biblical – reformed & always being reformed. To pursue gospel-centrality – being Jesus-centered versus Spirit-led is a […]

Easter Sunday at The PO – 1 year anniversary of weekly worship services

Blown away. That’s how we feel about what God is doing by His grace for His glory at Restore Church in our community. Though we forgot to announce it (imagine that!), yesterday marked our one year anniversary of weekly worship services. No doubt due to the Easter surge, it was nonetheless fun, exciting & encouraging […]

Nooses for Chandeliers…

Nooses for chandeliers…you’ll have to listen to the intro to understand this line. Mark 15:21-39 is the shocking story of an execution that has a surprising ending. The video is only 30 minutes long, not because I set a personal record for brevity but because of technical difficulties. If you can read my chicken scratch […]

The Bishop of Baltimore brings it in Detroit

If you care about reaching your city, your time will not be wasted in watching this message by Michael Crawford of Freedom Church in Baltimore. If I had a bishop, it would be Mike! I love this brother’s gospel fueled passion for making disciples in the urban core. Something really special went down this weekend! […]

ONE series kickoff: Imago Dei, & an amazing day!

“These premises shall not be occupied by a negro or colored person” reads the original deed to our building. Our history as a nation is drenched in racism and every one of our stories, whether you realize or not, has been shaped by racism. Yesterday, we began our ONE series by looking at how the […]

Christ’s Eternal Resume (& an exciting birth announcement in the Restore Fam!)

What makes the ┬ábirth of Jesus so special is who He has always been long before he ever hit the swaddling clothes. And getting a bigger view of Jesus is what carries the day when tragedy hits us and we are tempted to tap out and turn back. In Hebrews 1 we are taken to […]

“White People Curious”

Flyer baby. Those people have lost their mind! Not stepping over people who are not black. Laying down your life for your neighbor. Beauty to ashes. All this & more, with a good dose of humor & a lot of encouragement, in this testimony by long term Detroiter, Jesus lover, & Restore family member Renee […]

Saturday Canvassing for NWS

Saturday from noon to 2pm we are canvassing our neighborhood for Sunday’s Neighborhood Welcome Service. We’ll meet at The PO at 11:45AM. We have a few thousand flyers to deliver so we’d love your help! Friday night 7:30PM the men will gather at The PO for Monthly Manhood Academy, as Christ follower & firefighter Randy […]

Acts 29

Acts 29! While I love my church planting network, I’m actually referring to this age in which Jesus continues to build His church. In the concluding message to our series through the book of Acts we see 3 reasons why The Unstoppable Advance Continues. The Gospel is for all peoples! Busting out of the cocoon […]