5194414966_9d911a1bf9_o.2Restore Church gathers Sundays 11:00 AM at 2701 Joy Road (48206),  just west of Linwood at the former Linwood Station Post Office. Coffee & fellowship at 10:30 AM.

We’d love to have you join us!


  1. Brian Johnson says:


    My family and I are visiting from out of town. We are planning on attending one of your gatherings in the next couple of weeks. Just wanted to know what kind of dress code is in place. Please respond when you have a moment. Thank you for your time…Brian

    • mikehanafee says:

      Hey Brian, just show up dressed & we’re cool;) Seriously, people come from “Sunday best” to T-shirts & shorts. most importantly, they come ready to worship the King through prayer, word, communion, & fellowship. Looking forward to meeting your family soon!

  2. Kenneth Donahue says:

    My wife and I attended service today 5/25 and we really enjoyed. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. We really enjoyed the service and I’d very thankful your in the city of Detroit.

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