sex? Singlehood? DATING?!

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Are you willing to obey to what God had to say about sex, singlehood, and dating? We live in an explicitly pornographic world in which past guilt is stealing present freedom. Singles can often struggle with feeling like second class citizens or idolizing marriage. Recreational dating is prevalent in today’s society. Pastor Mike tackles these hot topics of sex, singlehood, and dating and how to approach them based on Scripture. You can listen to the message HERE.

Thanks to all who served and helped to make Restore Baseball happen these past couple of weeks. We met at the good ol’ Tiger Stadium for the last time this season. Despite the sketchy weather, it was a great success and all the kids who participated had a blast. Let us continue to keep the children and youth in our prayers and if you have any suggestions as to how we can better serve them, please email Peter Ashmore at

This upcoming Saturday (7/26) a team from from Highland, MI will be visiting to help us clean the alley behind the PO and Joy Road. We will be working from 1 – 5 pm. There will also be a pizza dinner afterwards so please come join us!
It would be awesome if you could come out to help and meet our brothers and sisters from Highland!

On Sunday we will be looking at Matthew 5:4-6 to see how the King transforms us from nothing to everything. As a friendly reminder, we will be meeting at the post office, NOT at Gordon Park. Or as Pastor Clete said, you can still go to the park, but just get to the post office by 11:00am for worship!


Faucet of religion vs. Fountain of Grace

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We easily drift from what we already know. As much as we talk about the gospel, we forget that it’s really about Jesus, that a church is Jesus’ church before it is a diverse church, a church-planting church, or a community church. This gospel of Jesus Christ is spoken, continuing, essential, vital, and central. And when we remember those times of regret that we can’t quite shake off, the Holy Spirit reminds us that we aren’t to be paralyzed, but to be reminded of God’s grace, the never ending fountain. You can listen to this message on 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 HERE.

We want to thank again Pastor Jim Essian, his family, and the brothers and sisters from The Paradox Church. We can’t say enough on how much we appreciate and value your partnership with us, and we are excited to see how God will continue to work through you to make His name known in Ft. Worth, TX!

This coming Sunday, we will be back to our RelationSHIFT series, and Pastor Mike will be preaching on sex, singlehood and dating. Whether you are single, dating, or married, you definitely don’t want to miss out!

Please pray for the concluding Saturday of Restore Baseball — a cookout, gospel proclamation, and final game at the site of old Tiger Stadium. Many many children and parents come to know Jesus!

Headship: Leading by Loving

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Husbands are to lead their wives not by lording, not by leveraging, but by loving. In our RelationSHIFT series we looked at 3 ways husbands are to love their wives, as Christ loves the Church — sacrificially not selfishly, purposefully not pointlessly, & carefully not conveniently. You can listen to this message from Ephesians 5:25-33 HERE.
A huge shoutout to all who served to make Restore’s second summer Gordon Park service and cookout a great day!

Please pray for the Restore youth group as they attend the EFCA Youth Challenge in Kansas City July 6-10. May hearts be stormed and transformed by the gospel!

This coming Sunday Jim Essian of The Paradox Church (Fort Worth, TX), a strong partner of Restore Church, will be preaching in our morning worship service & spending some time with leaders in the evening. I can’t wait for Sunday!

Wives: Compete or Complete?

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What cuts against both the oppression of women and feminism? Biblical womanhood. In marriage, this means the wife willingly submits to her husband, who willingly sacrifices for her. To hear what submission is & is not, and what it’s ultimate purpose is, you can listen to this message from Ephesians 5:22-24, Redeemed Helpership, HERE.

We had a great week of ministry partnership and deepening relationships with the Berean Baptist Church youth team! You can check out the video below, produced by a Berean team member, for a great overview of the week.
Next Sunday 11 AM we return to Gordon Park for outdoor worship & a cookout. Hope to see you there July 6!

Consulting the Designer

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Doing relationships our way is wreaking havoc on our communities and our lives. The stats will nauseate you. And behind the sterile numbers are decimated hearts and stunted futures. It’s time we consulted the Divine Designer to rediscover the biblical foundations of marriage. Before we see how marriage is meant to reflect redemption, we must first see how it is rooted in creation — the PURPOSE of marriage, the STRUGGLE of marriage, and the HOPE of marriage. You can listen to the message HERE.

Please pray for our week with the youth mission team from Berean Baptist Church of Livonia. We are pumped for this week of ministry partnership! If you are interested in serving, email Peter Ashmore at
Also, you are invited to our movie night Friday June 27 6PM at the PO. We will be watching Gimme Shelter (trailer below) followed by a panel discussion with those who have been in the foster system or have fostered children.
We’d love your help as we launch a second summer of Kids’ Club on July 7. You can sign up for providing breakfasts HERE. For other ways you can serve, contact Annie Kopena at
Lastly, pray for Membership Process Advisory Team as we meet throughout the summer. We are excited about rolling out formal membership at the start of 2014 accompanied by a sermon series on the church.

Last night, the Restore Church youth group put on a fantastic fundraiser, “Dinner and a Show at the PO”. There was great mexican food and an even greater lineup of entertainment from our teens as well as others from the Restore body. The teens are raising money in order to attend the EFCA Challenge Conference in Kansas City this July. Challenge is a weeklong conference aimed at equipping and sending out transformed disciples of Jesus ( We were graciously given 10 scholarships through the EFCA that covered conference costs. All money raised will go to offsetting the travel and lodging costs for our group.

We thought that the horrible weather would keep people at home, but we were blown away by the tremendous turnout from our church body and their generosity. We raised $1100 of our $1500 goal! We are praying that this week at Challenge will be transforming for our 8 teenagers going and that some of them would come to meet, love and follow Jesus for the first time. Would you pray to that end with us? Would you consider giving to help us reach our goal? If you would like to donate or help sponsor a teen, please contact us (

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1st Gordon Park Service 2014

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Sunday Restore Church gathered at Gordon Park for the first of four outdoor worship services this summer. A huge shout out to all served this weekend through the park clean up, service set up, and cookout prep. And with all that, we had week 3 of the Restore Youth Baseball League at Central High School. Thank you to all who are serving our great community with the goal of seeing people meet, love, & follow Jesus. Our next outdoor service is July 6.

Pastor Clete preached on Manhood in our RelationSHIFT series. Men were made by God to bring Him glory! Through the gospel we are to have character, confidence, courage, & commitment. You can listen HERE to the message. Next week we will continue our RelationSHIFT series at the PO as we look at the foundations of marriage.